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 Reduce  Recycle  Reuse

 We invite you all to participate in the worldwide "Single Use Plastic Free" July

 Let us all work towards to a cleaner community and environment for future generations to enjoy

 Here are 8 helpful ways to cut down on plastic waste

  • Refuse straws and invest in reusable silicone or stainless steel straws
  • Do not buy bottles of water, use a refillable stainless steel bottle 
  • Take an eco friendly coffee cup to the cafe or to use in the car
  • Use a leak-free lunch box so that the contents stay free without clingwrap
  • Try to go one month without using disposable nappies (our 4 children only ever had cloth nappies)
  • Take your own shopping bags to the market and supermarket.
  • Pack fruit and veggies in your own produce bags in the supermarket 
  • Don't use clingwrap, use beeswax wraps or greaseproof paper

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Bentoland is committed to a waste and litter free environment.

Bentoland recycles all boxes, plastic bags and bubble wrap received from our distributors.

Our shipping boxes are 100% recyclable.

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