Go Green Original Lunch Box Set - Butterfly

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Why buy a Go Green Butterfly Lunchbox? 



Go Green is one of the leading lunchbox brands on the market.  With it's durability and turn 'n lock technology, it is unique in the marketplace.

Each Go Green Lunch Box set comes with an insulated lunch bag, a five-compartment lunch box and 8oz drink bottle that will hold your child’s favorite drink. With each set you will receive a FREE Ice Pack, note this Ice Pack is not enough to keep lunch cool all day in Australia you will need to add an additional ice pack of some kind.  Our most popular ice pack to accompany the Go Green Ice Pack is the Medium fridge to go panel, these 2 ice packs work great together in most warm climates throughout Australia 

No need to individually wrap food items in plastic

Each Set Contains

Lunch Bag: The stylish insulated lunch bag features a pocket to hold reusable napkins and a unique erasable whiteboard to send a loving note or a reminder.  Measuring approx. 34 x 23 x 8.5 cm

Pink Lunch Box: Holds 8 cups/2000ml

The turn ‘n lock technology ensures food stays fresh within its compartment, with silicone bands around each compartment to ensure a secure leak-proof seal for all 5 sections.  The lunch box fits perfect inside the lunch bag.  The lunch box is made of polypropylene, rubber and silicone.  The clips on each side are made from silicone to ensure the lunch box lasts for years. Measuring approx. 31 x 19 x 7 cm

Drink Bottle: 100% stainless steel bottle fits neatly into the lunch box.  If you want to utilise that compartment for food, keep the bottle separate.

Ice Pack: This non-toxic, FDA-approved reusable gel freezer pack will help keep food cool.



The lunch box base is top shelf dishwasher safe (on low to normal heat settings not high), the lid is recommended to be hand washed so the heat from the dishwasher doesn't effect the rubber hinges.  If the lid is washed in the dishwasher the expected life is up to 12 months only.  Lids can be purchased separate if you choose to dishwasher your full lunch box.

The lunch bag is recommended to be wiped out with a damp cloth and soapy water or disinfectant liquid.  It is not recommended to wash in the washing machine or dishwasher.  Do not submerge the bag in water or it can cause the whiteboard to rust over time.


BPA, Lead, Leach and Phthalate Free


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