Yumbox Original Bento Lunch Box - Sunburst Yellow - 6 Compartments

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What makes the Yumbox Original Australia's best selling lunch box awesome and why should you purchase a Yumbox Original?


  • Yumbox original  leakproof 6 compartment bento lunch box makes it possible for you to pack a nutritionally balanced meal in minutes!
  • Yumbox’s pre-portioned illustrated Enchanted Forest tray helps you to pack healthy, waste free and fun lunches! 
  • It’s perfect for a packing a school lunch, toddler meals, meals for fussy eaters, snacks and small adult meals. It encourages healthy eating of the 5 main food groups.
  • Reuse and Save! Yumbox saves you money by eliminating the need for bags, multiple containers, plastic wrap and snack packs. Pack a waste free lunch.
  • The Yumbox fits perfectly in the So Young,  Sachi, Fridge to Go and Montiico insulated lunch bags.
  • Includes exterior box and tray insert.
  • Yumbox is only leakproof for thick wet foods like yogurt, applesauce, mayonnaise, hummous and dips. Remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, apple sauce and yogurts otherwise leaks may occur.
  • Do not use watery fruits, dressings, water and drinking yogurt in the Yumbox.
  • Yumbox's silicone lid engages with the tray to create a tight seal keeping food contents in place. Seals with one lid. Kid-friendly latch. Removable illustrated tray holds 5 x 1/2 cups of food + dip section. 
  • Do not overfill compartments.
  • Keep contents cool by adding an ice pack to your insulated lunch bag.
  • When shutting the Yumbox, press down on the lid with the palm of your hand and snap latch to closed position to create the best seal. 

We guarantee Yumbox against manufacturing defects, such as issues with any parts or material defects, for 12 months after purchase

Proof of purchase is required.

We do not guarantee Yumbox for issues related to wear and tear including, scratches, chips, cracks, mould, fading, stains, odour and warping.

Please keep in mind that although Yumbox are designed for children, they are not indestructible.


Dimensions in a closed position are approximately 21.5 x 15.5 x 5.0 cm and weighs 505g and holds 5 x 1/2 cups of food + dip section. 

  • Please note that the Yumbox original and Yumbox Panino trays are not interchangeable as the seals do not line up.


The removable tray is dishwasher safe at a maximum temperature 65C/149F. Top rack only. It's best to remove before the drying cycle.

The warranty does not cover warping of the outer case as a result of the dishwasher being too hot.

We recommend to hand wash the outer case to preserve the seal.


Food safe materials

  • BPA Free
  • Phthalates Free
  • Outer box ABS with Silicone seal
  • Tritan Tray

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